Apostolate To The Handicapped, Inc. Grant, Diocese of Madison

Bishop Cletus F. O’Donnell established the Apostolate to the Handicapped in the Diocese of Madison in 1967, entrusting Msgr. Thomas Campion with its development and leadership.   The Apostolate has been a ministry for disabled persons throughout the Diocese extending the love, care and compassion of the Church to thousands of people.  With Msgr. Campion’s death in 2010, Bishop Robert Morlino appointed Msgr. Larry Bakke to serve as Director of the Apostolate.

Through the generosity of many people over the years, the Apostolate has funds available that are focused and restricted to the creation of programs, projects, and initiatives that will assist people with disabilities.   The Apostolate, as a ministry of the Diocese of Madison, wishes to make funds available to the parishes, schools, and organizations of the Diocese that wish to provide supportive services, and/or create accessible facilities that speak to the Gospel spirit that all are welcome, and to invite all people to gather and participate in the life of the parish, school, camp, or program.

Under the direction of Msgr. Larry Bakke, Director, applications for grants are being accepted for consideration of financial support.  Please contact the Apostolate’s office in Monroe, WI  at 608-821-3050, or by e-mailing  

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